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This position I hold for The Commonwealth Education Trust, an ed-tech NGO that provides online professional development through their digital platform, Teach2030, to teachers in under-resourced environments. The role aims to increase and continue user engagement, whilst building a sense of global community.

I redesigned and relaunched the Teach2030 Ambassador programme, which aims to widen the charity's audience.

I analyse feedback and implement changes into both the courses and the interactive activities, designing uniquely contextualised opportunities for learners. I problem solve incoming queries from the Teach2030 audience, collating information and contacting many for further details, including the significant partners. With all this, I improve the product and create content for social media.


At Teach2030, a marketing strategy is to provide free, online, 15 minute interactive professional development workshops. I also introduced the monthly Q&A, where we teachers worldwide ask their questions about pedagogy.

I write, design and host the events (and post-event materials), live via Facebook and Zoom.


I have created clear marketing posts for Teach2030, mostly for Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Often, I upload content onto Later, having designed on Canva.


During the re-branding of Teach2030, I re-designed all course materials, including images, downloadables and icons, directly onto the LMS platform.


I write clear marketing copy that promotes individual services and considers SEO, mostly in newsletters, blogs, emails and workshops. 

I check for accuracy of spelling, punctuation and grammar (proof-reading). Usually, I am then asked to re-write/edit content and design for consistency of tone, branding and clarity (copy-editor).

Currently experienced in:

  • websites

  • digital courses

  • press releases

  • bids

  • marketing emails

  • newsletters

  • company specifications

  • learning guides.

 Often, I proof-read and copy-edit directly onto the designated LMS.

Contractors include: The Commonwealth Education Trust; the e-learning company, JAAM; a start-up, Critical Thinkers; and revision resource company, StudyRockets.

Communications: Testimonials

Alex is one of the most reliable and professional people I have worked with - when she says she is going to do something, it gets done, and to a high standard, which makes working with her a joy! She works well in a team, listening to and suggesting new ideas or a change of direction, and is also highly efficient when working independently. Her years of experience as a teacher and tutor are clear to see when discussing education, yet she is always ready to learn and develop her skillset further. I was lucky to both work with, and learn from, Alex, and hope to do so again!

Eleanor Sykes, Education Lead, Commonwealth Education Trust


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